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Emerge Stronger

Welcome to Team EMERGE fitness

Team EMERGE fitness is about finding your inner strength, freedom, overcoming self doubt and becoming a healthier, happier you with the structure and complete guidance of Beachbody programs, the nutrition plan and the assistance of myself and my team.  Your goals and preferences will be held paramount in your journey.  All victories will be celebrated and all problems will be worked around.  We are a team, and I am as accountable in my journey to you as you are to other members of the team. Adjusting as needed, we will be flexible.  Together, we will create energy and support where you will feel safe and encouraged.  I am a Certified 2B Mindset Nutrition plan Mentor and Certified Ultimate Portion Fix Master Coach. I have a deep understanding of the two programs and can advise you with your nutrition issues through one of those programs. If you are ready to start your Emergence, then I would welcome discussing your goals and dreams with you and setting you on the course to success. You can be your own hero and therefore a hero to your family.  Email me at